Ways to Put an End to Used Office Furniture

As time goes on, an office eventually builds up a storage of used office furniture. Be it computers, tables, or chairs, furniture will eventually be phased out or replaced. The office owner will soon wonder what to do with all of them.

Here are some ways that an office owner could take advantage of this furniture and turn it into a profitable venture:

1. Make an inventory

Having a thorough and detailed inventory is very important, especially if a person is trying to figure out which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of. For small scale companies, have someone be in charge of collecting all the information. For the larger ones, have a person on every floor take care of it. Do not leave anything out. This also helps the office owner see what each piece is worth and if they still have market value.

2. Understanding the opportunities and what are the project’s goals

Of course, the most obvious answer when trying to get rid of surplus furniture would be to want a financial return. However, a company should think about the type of company they are. Aligning the project with what the company is about could turn it into a big opportunity.

3. Document and record the entire project

After getting rid of all the used office furniture, one of the most important things to look over is how the company handled the project. Whether it was a success or failure, the documentation will let everyone see where the next project could be improved.